What To Expect At Your Wedding Rehearsal


I’ll stay in touch throughout your wedding preparations and in the lead up to your wedding day. We’ll feel like old friends by the time your ceremony arrives. If you’re keen, we’ll meet for a rehearsal and final run through just before the big day.  

If your ceremony location is local and available, we’ll rehearse there.  No stress if it’s not, we’ll still rehearse without a problem.  We can take it from the top with your wedding party in tow or keep it low key with just the two of you.

It’s totally ok if you’re super excited on the day and forget everything we rehearsed.  I’ll guide you every step of the way, so you can focus on each other and the moment; not, what do I do next? 

What happens at the rehearsal?

We “walk the walk and talk the talk” so to speak.


We'll take a look at your runsheet


I'll walk you through the ceremony


I'll triple check all the info I have on hand is current and correct


I'll confirm all your legal paperwork is on track

    What to bring to the rehearsal?

    Just your lovely selves and a sense of fun.  If I need you to bring along anything else I’ll be sure to let you know well in advance.

    What comes next?  I’ll see you both at the altar!

    If you need help or have questions about your rehearsal you can click here to get my contact details.