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Elopement Ceremony Script

A Little Space To Be Creative

Now that you have perused your Ceremony Inspiration Guide and Little Vow Guide, let’s take your creative thoughts and put pen to paper, so to speak.
Good to know! Your answers must be completed in one session. You can not save your responses and return later.

  1. Keep your e-books open as a reference whilst entering your information into this answer page.
  2. Enter your answers below. You’ll find how-to examples beneath each box.
  3. Your personal vows can be entered below or emailed to me separately if you wish them to remain surprise on the day.
  4. Double check your responses.
  5. Click “SUBMIT” when you are happy with your answers and notes.
  6. Email me any additional information that you didn’t include on this page.
What Happens Now?

I’ll use your responses to tweak and personalise your chosen elopement ceremony example to make it truly yours!

e.g. Jessica & William, William & Jess, Jess & Will...
Just enter the example code or codes here. Be sure to include additional and clear information about the sections you would like used from each example.
Enter any information or general changes you would like me to know.
Enter any changes you would like made to the Acknowledgement of Country section. e.g. Please customise this section for our ceremony location | Don't include this section
e.g. Please make mention of our venue in our welcome.
e.g. Please replace with Example 9 Introduction | Please include the line "In their hearts, Elinor and Simon are already committed to one another. This ceremony gives formal recognition to that commitment." in our introduction.
e.g. Please rephrase our introduction as a joint question so we can answer together.
e.g. [Person 1 Name] personal vow example / We're not exchanging personal vows / We'll email them to you
e.g. [Person 2 Name] personal vow example / We're not exchanging personal vows / We'll email them to you
e.g. We'd like to remove the celebrant section.
e.g. We'd like to combine example 3 and 6
e.g. We'd like kiss spontaneously as our guests raise a toast.
e.g. We'd like to replace our chosen script introduction with example 2.
e.g. We'd like to discuss including our guests with some fun elements.