Online Creation Handbook

A Little Space To Be Creative

Whilst reading through your Inspiration Guide, you will be prompted  to make entries into your Online Handbook, that’s this page. It’s super easy. Follow the answer legend on this page and the directions in the coloured boxes throughout your Inspiration Guide.

Follow the dots and let’s begin!

  • Read your Creation Guide and follow the instructions
  • Type your answers into the corresponding sections below
  • Double check your entries
  • Submit when you are happy with your responses
  • Email me additional information you didn’t include in this handbook
Answer Legend…
Your answers & what they will mean

I’ll write this section from scratch.

I’ll use words similar to your chosen example.
If you fancy using the exact words just indicate that in your answer.

You can email me through your exact words, ideas or references.
We can discuss this further when I receive your answers and email.

This section will not be included in your ceremony.

Ceremony Format
Welcome Recommended
Acknowledgement of Country Optional
Introduction Recommended
Remembering a Loved One Optional
Reading-Ritual-Special Words Optional – guests or celebrant
Monitum-Celebrant Authority Legal Requirement
Giving Away Optional
The Asking Recommended
Legal Vows Legal Requirement
Personal Vows Recommended
Exchange of Rings Recommended
Declaration of Marriage Recommended
The Kiss Recommended
Signing Marriage Certificates Legal Requirement
Introduction Married Couple Recommended

I’m here to help if you have any questions or need my assistance. 
Most importantly, enjoy!  


*Refer to the notes about your options in your Inspiration Guide / Legal Sections / Legal Vows
*Refer to the notes about your options in your Inspiration Guide / Legal Sections / Legal Vows