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Let’s get you married!

I’m looking forward to our second appointment to sign your Official Certificate of  Marriage. Please take a moment to read ALL the information below to be sure your appointment can proceed as planned.

We’ll say just the words required by law and we’ll then sign your Official Certificate of Marriage. You are welcome to exchange rings. Your two witnesses must attend this appointment.

  • This appointment is for you and your two witnesses only.
  • You are married at this appointment and will receive a ceremonial marriage certificate on the day.
  • Your marriage will be submitted to the Registry of Deaths Births and Marriages (RBDM) for registration after our appointment. You will receive an email confirmation from me when your marriage has been submitted to RBDM.
  • You will receive an email confirmation from RBDM when your marriage has been registered.
  • You can purchase your Official Certificate of Marriage through the RBDM email. 
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  1. Use the calendar below to book your Legal Document signing – Appointment 2.
  2. You’ll receive a booking confirmation email containing important information about our meeting along with address details.
  3. You’ll receive a friendly reminder before our appointment.

I’ll see you both soon!