All About You Two

Welcome to your All About You Two Questionnaire
…Same questions, answered separately.

This is your “Love Story”. Your answers are about you two and your story together to date.
Feel free to be loving or playful with your answers and provide as much or little detail as you wish to share with me, and potentially your guests!
Remember this is a solo project so no peeking at your partners answers! When you have submitted your questionnaire it’s your partner’s turn. Just use the link in your email for a fresh questionnaire. Most importantly, have fun!

Can you recall the year, month, day and location or venue?
Be honest!
Where was it? How did it go?
Was there a particular moment?
Tip: Think head & heart, not material things. For example, ‘an appreciation for homemade pasta’ or ‘a newfound open-mindedness and acceptance of AFL after watching countless re-runs of the grand final’.
Tip: Be serious and lighthearted too. For example, ‘You’ve taught me to stand up for the things I believe in. And you’ve taught me the many virtues of watching cricket. Actually, no, we’re still working on that’
A sporting team, hobby, brand, TV get the idea!
Tip: this can be serious - or not. E.G. Not leaving wet towels on the bathroom floor would actually help our relationship.
Tell me about it and how long had you been together at this stage?